Employment, Career & Enrichment

We help people find jobs and provide a place where work can find its workers. We fill skill gaps with classes, training and mentorship. We also provide focused strategies and expert advice to get our clients meaningful employment.

Employment Assistance
  • Career Counseling
  • Day Labor
  • Resume’ Prep Assistance
  • Interview Skills Practice
  • Job Search
Business Center
  • Business Plan Assistance
  • Creative Space
  • Marketing Consultation
  • Skills U – GED
  • We Know IT Microsoft and Programming classes
  • Industry Specific Training classes
  • Enrichment Classes
  • Budget Classes/Money Management
  • Mentorship Program
  • Chapel Services
  • Volunteer Library — Find a place or find a volunteer
  • Be On Mission — Want to go on a mission trip?
Service Area
  • Kentucky — FIVCO/TENCO
  • Ohio — Lawrence/ Scioto
  • West Virginia — Cabell/Wayne

If you would like to explore any of the above opportunities, please take the first step in contacting us now. You can complete the form on this page or contact us directly!

How to reach us


Email: CJBandOC@gmail.com
Phone: 606-315-4945
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