We at Central Jobbank believe that EVERYONE has purpose! So, if God has placed you somewhere, even if it wasn’t what you had expected in your life, you have a mission there!

We want to encourage you to LOOK AROUND! See what possibilities await you to serve God, serve your fellow man, and make the world a better place!

We have listed some places where you can volunteer and get out into your world, and if you do, we have a “Missions Passport” to help you keep track of the places you go, the work that you will do, and the wonderful people you meet!

Simply print it out, cut it out, staple it together, and keep it with you as you volunteer!

Then, next spring, bring it, pictures, displays, and friends that you met along the way to our Missions Celebration Block Party!


Our founder and director, Renee’ Parsons is a missionary with the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Missionaries have a distinct duty to share the gospel, help people meet their needs, and build up the church! When a missionary’s task is complete, they move onto the next thing God wants them to do!

That mission task is illustrated below, along with the twelve characteristics of a healthy church. If you would like Renee’ to come talk to you about missions, missions opportunities and trips, schedule a Bible study with her, or have her come do an AHA! PROCESS® training, please fill out the form below!

    Finally, we believe that God is at work all around us! There are wonderful places to serve both abroad and right in our own backyard! Some are church affiliated, some are not! We want to encourage you to check out all of them! Below are just a few of our favorites!