Central Jobbank and Opportunity Center provides local workers and employers with a direct line to manpower, employment, and career options. We also provide the necessary options available to help close skill gaps that keep people from having employment that is both meaningful and financially advantageous.

We believe that all people are created for purpose, and that all people should be given opportunities to fulfill that purpose.

The Central Jobbank and Opportunity Center began back in 2015 as a mission of Central Baptist Church. The church had only about 9 members when Dr. Robert Parsons became pastor. When the church became alive in the community again, many needy people would begin to stop in for various kinds of assistance, and his wife, Renee, would talk to benevolence cases.

With few resources and the needs being more complex than simply provision of a meal or someone in need of a warm coat, Renee came up with the idea of an aggregate resource center where people could not only find an appropriate program or organization in the community to meet their need, but would have a friendly person there to guide them to those programs. This mission was called Hope Central, and was the first incarnation of the current mission.

In just a few years, Hope Central and Central Baptist connected with so many organizations in the Boyd County area of Kentucky that Hope Central was asked in 2018 to become the development arm of a stability organization called The Neighborhood. The Neighborhood provided food, housing, and clothing for people at the baseline of need, but was finding out at the time that people were becoming dependent on their services rather than utilizing them as a spring board to further success.

Hope Central came in with the Employment Initiative Program in 2018, and in the beginning of 2020, Renee was officially hired to administrate the Employment Initiative Program and assist Director Todd Young with general operations of The Neighborhood’s mall of charitable organizations. The employment and opportunity sections of the program began to outgrow the capacity of The Neighborhood when the aftermath of the COVID quarantine caused an increase in case load, and in May of 2021, Renee separated the mission from The Neighborhood’s charitable 501(c)3 and created the Central Jobbank and Opportunity Center in the basement of the Central Baptist Church. This was part of the ongoing mission to assist people in finding their purpose in Christ and fulfilling their potential through meaningful work.

Central Jobbank and Opportunity Center provides connections to employers for people looking for work, and connections for employers looking for workers. It also provides classes and enrichment opportunities that lessen skill gaps, and entrepreneurial assistance for those trying to start businesses. The Opportunity Center also provides guidance for homeschoolers, college entrance and scholarship assistance for those in need of help. Finally, CJBOC is an aggregate space for volunteer opportunities, mission trip/camp sign ups, and community related events and programs. All people are welcome to utilize the services, and the Opportunity Center does not turn away people with difficult backgrounds, actually providing certain services specifically for those who are completing rehabilitation, are post-incarcerated, may be aged out of foster care, or are escaping generational or situational poverty.

Renee Parsons believes that God created people for purpose.

  • Graduate Andersonville Theological Seminary 2006
  • Kentucky Baptist Convention Commissioned Missionary 2016
  • Grantsmanship Certified Proposal Writer 2018
  • Jobs For Life Trainer/Facilitator 2019
  • Bridges Out of Poverty, Aha! Process Lifetime Certified Trainer 2020
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